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1. Where can I view my vehicles location after the device is installed?

    The Vehicle’s location can be viewed using web application in a Computer/ Laptop or Android & IOS Trackanything mobile     application

    Web application:

    Android app:

    IOS app: https:

2. When my car is stationary why does the map show as If it has moved?

    Standard hardware based GPS accuracy is 15 meters. Software receives the position from the GPS every 5 minutes when idle. So positions     changes for each update due to GPS error.

3. When my car is in front of my house why is it showing wrong address at first and then later correct address?

    Address update is provided every 1 hour in ideal or every 5 Kms when the vehicle is moving, so it will show the previous address first and then     shows the correct address once it is updated.

4. Why the position of my car shows in Next Street addresses sometime?

    GPS signals are affected by the buildings, natural obstacles, weather conditions and satellite availability and standard hardware based GPS     accuracy is 15 metersso it shows Next Street or Parallel Street addresses sometime.

5. Why is the mileage calculation in the software showing wrong figures?

  Software takes the reading for every 30 seconds from the GPS while moving and calculate the straight line distance traveled by the     vehicle.Also Standard hardware based GPS accuracy error is 15 meters. So there will be minor error in mileage based on the GPS position

6. If I want address update every 5 minutes is it possible?

   Standard address update is for every 1 hour. You can get 5 minutes update only if you have subscribed the premium level package. Please     contact our sales team

7. Tracking reports are very erratic in certain areas the tracking stops and then resumes after some time?

   When the Vehicle travels in No GPRS/Internet area, the Tracker will not send Position update to our server but GPS will store the data and     once it enters coverage area you will get the position update in the software.

8. Why there is error in fuel consumption report?

    Fuel level in the tank will be varying due to turbulence of the vehicle while travelling or climbing mountain, also default accuracy will be 90% to     95% based on calibration

9. If I put the immobilizer, Will my vehicle stop suddenly whilerunning?

    When vehicle is in stop mode, the immobilizer will work instantly. While moving when the vehicle speed is below 40 kms per hour then only      the immobilizer will work andvehicle stop, if there is no GSM the immobilizer will not work.

     We are not recommending this option. It is on the risk of customer and they have to give undertaking request letter for using this option.

10. While theft if someone is disconnecting or tampering the tracker how can we track the vehicle?

     The tracker will send External power cut-off notification as soon as the tracker is disconnected or tampered.After disconnecting from external      power the tracker will work with the help of built-in battery for 4 to 5 hours based on the time interval

11. Will the device run down the battery of the vehicle?

     No, it will not. The vehicle device consumes very little power and once the Ignition is off, the device goes into sleep mode

12. How often does the vehicle’s location updated?

     When vehicle is in stop position the tracker will update every 5 minutes. While moving it will update every 30 seconds

13. How long the past data will be available on the software?

     It will be available for 3 months. Based on request we can provide up to 6 months

14. What will happen when there is No Network coverage?

     The unit continues to collect and store information even if you are driving in an area that does not have GPRS/ Network coverage. The unit      then transmits this data when the vehicle comes back into the coverage area.

15. Can I have more than one user access to my fleet?

      Yes, based on the request we can give sub user access for limited count.

16. How often do you release software updates?

     Constantly we do update the Trackanything website and mobile App’s by adding / modifying features which enable ease tracking, monitoring,      alerting and reporting. Whenever an update is released the customer will get intimated via mobile app’s store and website.

17. How do I contact Customer Support?

    We have a ticket raising tool available in our portal and mobile app, using which you can post the issues faced in the       hardware / software, instantly our support team will be notified and your issue will get sorted out ASAP.

      Customer Support can also be reached via
      Call: +91 44 42697610

18. How can I become an authorized dealer of your GPS fleet tracking system?

      Click here to obtain more information: Authorized Dealer Enquiry.