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The Personal GPS Tracker for People

The HumanPTS by Elektronik Lab is a personal GPS tracker that allows for an active and automatic supervision of your loved ones from a distance. How can you be reassured that if your child wanders or runs into trouble you'll know about it? How can you be notified if your elderly parent has gotten lost and at the same time grant them the independence and self-respect they deserve?

The HumanPTS answers this question– by its ability to supervise those you are most concerned about from a distance, allowing them to carry on with their independent lives without interference, yet letting them feel they are not alone.

Knowing that an alert will only be sent when there is an exceptional event, the HumanPTS will also allow you the freedom to conduct your daily life, while giving you the confidence that your loved ones are secure.

HumanPTS's purpose is to ease your concern about: your children, your elderly parent or family members with disabilities.

IIIII   The system's features will allow you to:

With the HumanPTS system your loved ones can conduct their lives in an independent manner, knowing that in situations of distress they will be able to alert you or you will be automatically alerted in cases of lack of control.

IIIII   Employee Management

Alternatively, the HumanPTS personal GPS tracker can be used for employees' management, to improve the work times of field employees and to monitor employees that are sent to remote or dangerous locations.

The system can notify you in case an employee has entered an unauthorized area, or has not left a predefined parameter in a prescheduled time. This allows the manager to both protect the employees as well as supervise their work times and the service given to customers.

IIIII   HumanPTS GPS tracker – powerful yet simple

HumanPTS provides a simple, user friendly interface which enables you to define the situation that will activate an alert and to whom it should be sent – this is done by a few simple steps.

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