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   How to Become Our Dealer

Elektronik Lab welcomes you to join the global success of Elektronik Lab's leading team in distributing the most unique and advanced system in this growing market.

IIIII   What is a local dealer?

A local dealer is a company that is authorized to sell Our systems products and services, in its territory.

IIIII   What type of services does a dealer offer to its clients?

The dealers can offer their clients both protection as well as management services, for example: of Vessel tracking (VMSTrack), vehicle fleets (RoadVTS) elderly people, children or employees (HumanPTS) and much more.

IIIII   Who are the potential clients?

The different types of products included in the systems gives you an access to wide variety of potential clients, including:

IIIII   What are the incentives of the clients to purchase the service?

The systems can provide the user with a wide variety of real-time alerts and performance reports. Customers that are using our services can cut back on supervision and inspection services, while the operation of the company becomes much more efficient.

IIIII   What do I get from Elektronik Lab Systems as a dealer?

Our products enable the dealers to operate in stable and rapidly growing market, producing monthly revenue from both hardware sales as well as fixed monthly subscription fees, increasing respectively with the market growth rate. The company has developed a comprehensive solution that includes hardware and software and a complete set of procedures, allowing the entrepreneur, who is not familiar with the industry, to establish a business within a short period of time, enjoying the long and extensive experience of Elektronik Lab, and to collect the revenues relatively very soon after establishing the business. As Our dealer you enjoy:

IIIII   What are the requirements from the dealer in order to start offering the service?

The prerequisites of the local dealer to offer the management service are:

IIIII   Do you have an evaluation kit?

Yes, and we highly recommend purchasing one in order to get a better understanding of the system and its abilities.

IIIII   Along with the kit you will also receive the following:

Suitable software that will enable you to program the unit's parameters.

IIIII   I want to become a dealer. How do I start?

Easily, just click on the button below to contact us

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