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Web-based wireless solution for managing refrigerated trucks. Our system provides timely information about each reefer's location, temperature status and also triggers real-time alert notifications if temperature limit exceeds the threshold. Ongoing temperature updates are reported to our server at regular intervals which enables the company to view variety of management reports. Besides, our system enables the company to track and monitor the real-time position and location of the refrigerated trucks online and improve driver productivity. With the help of our system the company can monitor & track the trip history of vehicles and can access accurate reporting for all fleet.

Refrigerated vans and trucks carry valuable and perishable cargo. Managing a fleet of refrigerated vehicles is a difficult task. To protect the vehicle and its contents, fleet managers must understand each vehicle's location and its compliance with temperature control objectives.

Customers such as those in the cold storage industry have a cold chain they need to protect and a solution from us can help them measure and manage temperatures inside refrigerated vehicles. Our solution is a web-based fleet management solution for managing cold storage refrigerated trucks in an efficient manner.

Ongoing temperature updates are reported to the our server at regular intervals. The fleet manager can get reports on overtime, vehicle usage, plan delivery routes, identify logistical inefficiencies and provide end customers with real time tracking of consignment. With our solution, the fleet owner can know the real time status of the fleet and plan for an efficient delivery of goods at the right time.

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